I went to visit Burnside Massage Therapy in October when I was seven and a half months pregnant. I had been suffering from severe back pain, especially my sciatic nerve. I was slightly nervous going into the session as I did not know what to expect from a massage that was meant for more medical reasons. I was pleasantly surprised however at the effect this has on my overall well being. I left the session a little sore (as Kara explained that this would happen) but within hours felt relief. I was very impressed with her knowledge of prenatal massage and was also impressed she had me lying on my sides surrounded with pillows.

I found the clinic to be extremely accessible and easy to find. Kara was extremely professional and was very concerned about my well being throughout the whole massage, asking if I was comfortable and inquiring about the pressure of the massage. I found the room to be calming and relaxing and the tranquil turquoise that drapes the room reminds me of being around water. I will definitely be back after my baby is born for baby massage and have recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues in school. Thanks for a great experience Kara!
- Q.F. (Parksville, BC)
I love Burnside Massage Therapy because there is always a free parking space and I donít have to fight the downtown traffic to get to my massage appointment! I look forward to my massage sessions with Kara because the table is always nice and warm when I arrive, and the place looks amazing!
- A.G. (Victoria, BC)
I have been struggling with lower back, hip, and neck pain due to my knee injuries, and my job as a legal assistant. I was a little hesitant at first about massage therapy as a treatment, because my knee problems make me quite nervous, and I am very embarrassed by them. Kara has made me feel at ease about my injuries by showing me complete respect and professionalism. She has also taught me more about the condition that I suffer from, and why I have it. I am always amazed at how much she knows about the condition that I suffer from, as it is a rarity.

I have also found Karaís knowledge, expertise, and massage techniques, to be very helpful, and provide instant relief with my lower back pain. She is very gentle and is always ensuring that I am comfortable at all times. She is constantly asking questions to ensure that she is applying enough pressure, or to ensure that she is not applying too much. I have always left my sessions with her feeling relaxed, refreshed, and wondering what happened to the last hour.

The location of Karaís clinic was easy to find, and is a sanctuary of tranquility. The warm atmosphere, the highlights of teal throughout the room, provides a spa like atmosphere that I am always sad to leave, and eager to return to. I have found Kara to be very genuine as a massage therapist as she takes a great interest in getting to know her clients issues, to ensure that she is providing the best care possible. I know that I will be a long time client of hers, and have recommended her clinic to many friends and co-workers. I look forward to my next visit with her, and I know that her other clients do as well.
- Kassandra I. (Victoria, BC)
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